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A blog that is dedicated to the Texas Rangers! I try to post as many unique pictures from the Rangers that I can. Thank you so much for following me. If you have any ideas on how to make this blog better, please let me know.

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Rain? Yeah, so what. - These Rangers fans


A Wash out.

You look at every other city that has chance of being in the playoffs now, and there’s joy. I don’t see a whole lot of joy in Arlington. I’m not knocking anybody. I just don’t see it. All they can talk about is how we collapsed. That’s not right.

Ron Washington

I agree wholeheartedly. I know every one has high expectations of this team after seeing them go to the World Series twice, but this is a much different team than it was last year, in good ways and in bad. 

But be happy that we have a winning season. Be happy that this team even has a chance at fighting for a playoff spot. Be happy that this team is still fighting for a playoff spot.

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Rockin’ handshake.

Got Emmmmmm


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Yu Darvish making Trevor Plouffe look like he should still be playing in little league.

– me

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